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Rabbi Geier

Searching for Torah meanings in our everyday life


Jan 29, 2023

Beshalach 5783

We arrived to one of those moments in Biblical narrative that are not only culminating, but special: the crossing of the sea of ​​reeds, the Yam Suf. This crossing always gives rise to controversy. Did it happen? Didn't it? It is as if our entire belief, tradition and attachment to Judaism depend on whether or not the waters really parted.

Feb 1, 2023

What Makes a Holiday Important?

“They are four days in the year that serve as the New Year, each for a different purpose: On the first of Nisan is the New Year for kings; it is from this date that the years of a king’s rule are counted.”

This Week

פרשת יתרו
Parashat Yitro
יד׳-כ׳ שבט

Shevat 14th to 20th
February 5th to 11th


Friday, February 10th, 5:07 p.m.


Saturday, February 11th, 6:10 p.m.

*Candle lighting time according to New York, USA.

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