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Israel is a very integral part of Rabbi Geier's experience, both as a Jew and as a Jewish leader. He feels that Israel is the home and the center of support for all Jews; not only a refuge for those who, for whatever reason, leave heir country, but the final destination of the People of Israel as a whole at some point in history. Upholding it is most necessary, so that the ones willing to be there and make their lives in the country can do so at any given time.

At the same time, Rabbi Geier understands he has a lot of work to do with Jews in the Diaspora—and, so far, this has been his share in the complex fabric of Judaism.


Tracing the Complex History of the State of Israel [part 2] +

In the 1850s, a new variety of orange was discovered in the citrus orchards of Jaffa, and by 1890, the new Shamouti orange—large, oval, and juicy—had made its way to Queen Victoria's table. The colony of Rehovot discovered the virtues of citrus in the 1920s. Rehovot was founded in 1890 on 10,600 dunams of the Ottoman feudal state of Duran, located approximately 24 kilometers southeast of Jaffa.

Who Owns the Holy Land? +

Once again, vivid memories flood my mind as I write for the Temple Times. Almost all beautiful memories, like those we experienced during the rally at the JCC, praying, crying, and singing together for Israel, for those families waiting to hear news about their kidnapped loved ones, for the wounded, for those who lost their lives. We prayed, sang, and cried for the unfortunate confirmation that almost 20 years of avoiding a larger-scale war conflict were in vain. In all those years, Israel did not manage to live in peace, and lives were lost, their sacrifices failing to lead us to peace.

Tracing the Complex History of the State of Israel [part 1] +

When we were kids, we learned about the People of Israel, the conquest of Canaan, and the declaration of the State of Israel and its pioneers. It is very likely that the early European migrants, much like our heroes from the Torah, omitted certain passages from these stories that weren't suitable for children who were meant to grow up with love for the Promised Land, its history, and its heroes.

Statement Condemning Recent Attacks Against Israel +

Members of Temple Beth El of Utica strongly condemn the savage attacks carried out by extremist fanatics from the terrorist organization Hamas against both military and civilian populations in Israel.

Standing United for Israel in Washington, D. C. +

Once again, I must begin my article in the Temple Times with images of an event I witnessed, just as it happened with last month's and the one before. What I experienced this week in Washington, D.C. was so immensely significant that it will be challenging to describe it solely in written words.


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