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Statement Condemning Recent Attacks Against Israel +

October 8, 2023

Rabbi Geier


BS"D || Rabbi Geier

Statement Condemning Recent Attacks Against Israel +

Members of Temple Beth El of Utica strongly condemn the savage attacks carried out by extremist fanatics from the terrorist organization Hamas against both military and civilian populations in Israel.

We condemn the massacre of families, the elderly, pregnant women, and children, as well as the capture and mistreatment of those who were kidnapped, along with all those who support and march in favor of these actions. This is not a matter of differing opinions, sovereignty, or religious acts. These are simply acts of barbarism and terrorism.

We stand firmly, albeit humbly, in support of the IDF in their resolute and definitive response to end a threat that has loomed over the state of Israel, despite the various options for peaceful coexistence offered over the past 75 years.

We express our gratitude to the international community for their support of the state of Israel and implore them not to waiver in defending the sovereign right of the Jewish people to have their own state, as per the United Nations resolution of 1947.

We offer our prayers for all the souls who were tragically deprived of earthly life, for those who lost loved ones in such a violent and unjust manner, and for the Palestinian families living in the Palestinian territories who do not support the terrorist and inhuman actions of Hamas and who will inevitably suffer the consequences of being placed as shields in an act of barbarism.

We deeply encourage you to be careful at this time when you donate, as Israel needs each of our support, in any amount you can afford. We share these reliable suggestions:

American Friends of Magen David Adom

Jewish National Fund USA

May the Kadosh Baruch Hu, The Holy One of Blessing, watch over our soldiers and grant them strength and courage to restore order and justice in our land.

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