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Parashat Bemidbar

פרשת במדבר

Nm. 1:1-4:20 | Ho. 2:1-22
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Starting a new book of the Torah, this parashah of the same name tells us about the census that must be taken: men over 20 years of age from each of the tribes will be counted. The Levites count differently, from a month old: God explains that they are set apart as His firstborn, who must do services related to the tabernacle and stand around it. The disposition of the other tribes is also given and must be maintained both in camp and on the move. Tribes have their own nasi (prince), emblem, color and flag.



Bemidbar 5783

We are starting a new book in the Torah. The fourth one, the book of Bemidbar, Numbers, or In the Desert, depending on the translation we use. And in this book, a situation is repeated as in the book of Shemot. These are books in which we, the people of Israel, are going through a journey in the desert. There is a difference: in Shemot, what we did was to leave Egypt towards freedom, in Bemidbar, we are preparing for where we are going to arrive.

Bemidbar 5782

How do we know when the right time to do something has come?

How do we know that the conditions are given to make a decision and that it will be successful?

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