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פרשת בראשית

Gn. 1:1-6:8 | Is. 42:5-43:10
Image by Zeynep Açıktepe

The first portion of the readings of the Pentateuch takes its title from the first verse: “When, in the beginning, God created the Heavens and the Earth...’  In this portion we find the creation of the world and of the humans, their relation with God, the events regarding the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, the exile from the Paradise, Hevel’s death by the hands of his brother Kain, the continuity of Adam's offspring through Shet, the iniquity of people and Noach, who finds favor in the eyes of the Creator.



Bereshit 5784

We have always been a people with a religion and a long tradition of taking responsibility. Responsible for the world around us, for our own actions, but above all for our neighbors and especially for the members of the People of Israel.

Bereshit 5777

Alguien recuerda qué pasó luego de la expulsión de Adam y Javá del Gan ʿEden, el paraíso? Algunos podrán mencionar uno o dos personajes, pero te recuerdas bien qué es lo que pasó?

Bereshit 5783

We start again. The cycle that we hope will never be interrupted, in which we finish the reading of the Torah and immediately restart it in a commitment that is renewed year after year: Bereshit, the wonder that is the Creation of our universe with all the surprise that it causes us since childhood about the origin of everything.

Bereshit 5782

Does anyone remember what happened after the expulsion of Adam and Eve from Gan Eden, paradise? Some may mention one or two characters, but do you remember well what happened?

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