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Parashat Korach

פרשת קרח

Nm. 16:1-18:32 | 1Sm. 11:14-12:22

The Levite Korach rebels against the leadership of Moshe and the kehunah of Aharon, and with him are Datham and Aviram, sons of Eliav, in addition to 250 men. They offer incense to prove that they have equal rights with Aharon, but the whole episode only ignites the divine wrath and the Lord, once again, wants to put an end to all who rebel. Moshe intercedes once more. A hole opens in the earth that devours the rebellious Levites and a divine fire consumes the remaining members of the rebellion. Aharon's staff, among the staffs of each of the tribes, is the one that flourishes as proof that he is chosen for the priestly function.



Korah 5783

How can we realize if a leader is positive or not? How can we determine if the words we hear from someone seeking a position, regardless of the type of role we are talking of, are sincere and aimed at the collective good or simply driven by personal interests?

Korach 5782

How difficult is the election season, when we need to choose for the right candidates!

How does a person realize if a candidate speaks to us with sincere words and seek a collective good or if he only responds to personal interests? Especially once we all already know that they are going to tell us what we want or need to hear, how do we choose without having the feeling that they only treat us like children, to whom they say the best words to calm our needs?

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