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פרשת בהר

Lv. 25:1-26:2 | Jr. 32:6-27, 16:19-17:14
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God communicates to Moshe the rules of Shabbat and the rest of the land after 7 cycles of 7 years—the Jubilee, in which, among other things, the slaves are freed and the land, in addition to resting, is returned to its original owners. Other rules about land and behavior are passed down.



Behar 5782

In this section of the Torah, Parashat Behar, we have several precepts that were more than renewals for the society of that time in which they were promulgated—some of which we are not even certain that they have ever been fulfilled. I am referring to Shnat Shemitah and Shnat Yovel, the Sabbatical year for the land and the year of jubilee.

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