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Parashat Kedoshim

פרשת קדושים

Lv. 19:11-20:27 | Am. 9:7-15
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This portion begins with a maxim central to the theme of ritual purity of the people of Israel; God says, “Be holy because I, your God, am holy.” Many laws, therefore, follow: about agriculture, idolatry, honesty, respect for parents, Sabbath, among others. The famous sentence “love your neighbor as yourself” also appears in this passage.



Kedoshim 5783

What is the meaning behind the commandment to love your neighbor as yourself in Judaism? Why is it found in the Kedoshim portion of the Torah?

Kedoshim 5782

Let's talk about Holiness.

The concept of kadosh is complicated. It is usually understood and translates as something Holy. It seems to be something that received that condition and has it in its being or constitution. And it is full of goodness and absolutely devoid of errors. In other words… unattainable.

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