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The laws dictated by Moshe in this parashah refer to family ties (relationship between a man and one or more women, parents and children, continuity, divorce, sexuality, incest, among other forms of relationship), social behavior, daily life, work and justice: “if there is a dispute between men, they must come before the court for judgment. The righteous will be punished and the guilty will be severely condemned.”



Ki Tetze 5783

Have you ever experienced loving in an irrational way? I mean those loves that burst into your life and take over your body, your soul, and carry you away. Those loves, according to the Mishnah, are loves that last; not like the loves that have some kind of reason or conditioning. The loves in which for some reason one feels attracted, and time or some event passes, and the cause that motivated that supposed love vanishes. And then the love ends.

Ki Tetze 5782

We are already aware that we are going through the month of Elul. If you haven't started your personal review for the year that is about to end yet, there's still time.

In fact, the parashiot have been preparing us with their reading, so that Rosh haShanah does not catch us by off gard in this sense. Therefore, Shoftim spoke to us about what a society in which justice prevails should be like. In which the legal and government systems are so fairly organized that they are not an obstacle or an inconvenience for the normal growth of the people (society) and its individuals.

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