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פרשת שופטים

Dt. 16:18-21:9 | Is. 51:12-52:12

Moshe recalls very varied teachings: judges should be appointed for a fair trial of the people and false testimony will be punished with the punishment initially foreseen for the criminal. Moses says that the people, arriving in the Promised Land, will want a king; he must, then, be restrained in his possessions, write the text of the Torah and read it throughout his life, thus remaining fearful of God, on an equal footing with his brothers. The Levites as a divine portion, the creation of cities of refuge, the question of prophets and prophecy and the treatment of spoils of war are also described in this portion.



Shoftim 5783

Once again, the Torah places us in a situation where it recommends, instructs, and guides us on the path of humility. It's challenging to uphold humility in a society where, for instance, when people make a donation, they demand recognition or are offered it, or a plaque is directly placed, displaying: "This person donated such and such."

Shoftim 5782

If you wanted a parashah that would make you think about several topics with a single reading, that is the one that summons us this week.

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