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Parashat Matot

פרשת מטות

Nm. 30:2-32:42 | Jr. 1:1-2:3
Jordan Rift aerial from southwest, tb010703125 - cópia.jpg

Moshe describes laws related to vows. The Israelites fight the Midianites. The tribes of Reuven and Gad ask for territories outside Israel, good land for raising livestock; Moshe agrees, on the condition that they fight for the conquest of territories west of the Jordan along with their brothers.



Matot 5783

The Torah portions of this week, because we read two portions together, Matot and Masei, bring us a moment of the people where it seems like they never stop, like they are always on the move. Of course, that's not the case. Although they moved from one place to another, as the narrative describes, there were 42 stops made in the desert during the 40 years. But the way the story of each stop is told in this section, that they stopped here and stayed for so long and then continued on and stopped in another place, 42 times, 42 locations, is like a way to show us how exhausting that journey must have been.

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