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Parashat Pinchas

פרשת פנחס

Nm. 25:10-30:1 | Jr. 1:1-2:3
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Pinchas, Aharon’s grandson, receives the covenant of peace and the eternal priesthood. War breaks out against the Midianites. A new census is taken and the land is partitioned among the tribes according to their numbers, by means of lots. The daughters of Tzelofechad come to claim their inheritance and are heard and answered by God. Yehoshua is chosen as Moshe’s successor. The sacrifices for all the festivals are described in detail.



Pinchas 5783

I remember that a few years ago, back in 2019, the United Nations Economic and Social Council voted with 40 in favor, nine abstentions, three countries absent, and only two votes against, stating that Israel was the main obstacle for Palestinian women to develop, progress, gain self-confidence, and integrate into society's development. Israel was seen as blocking the development of Palestinian women. Astonishingly, they had disregarded all the patriarchal customs of the Palestinian state, all the policies of oppression against women that were present and still exist, of course, four years later in the Palestinian state. This vote happened precisely during the week when we read Parashat Pinchas, the same one we read this week. This Torah portion includes none other than the episode of the daughters of Tzelofhad.

Pinchas 5782

Who is Pinchas? Pinchas is both the hero and the antihero, depending on who judges it. Pinchas is someone who takes justice into his own hands. And how many times would we have wanted to do the same in situations in which the prevailing system is not effective, or when seeing the suffering of a loved or close one in unexpected situations.

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