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פרשת שמות

Ex. 1:1-6:1 | Is. 27:6-28:13, 29:22-23
Burning Bush.png

Here we learn the story of Moshe, from his birth to the moment when he is approached by the Lord through the burning bush, joins his brother Aharon and, with him, challenges a pharaoh with an ever-hardening heart who will not allow the Hebrews to leave Egypt to serve God.



Shemot 5783

Who are the leaders and heroes that our tradition gives us?

We have seen countless times how our heroes are beings of flesh and blood, whose superpowers lie above all in their sensitivity towards others and dedication to our tradition and the Torah. That special sensitivity that not only connects with the Lord in a different or more intense way than the rest of the mortals—or with some task that He entrusts or wants to be done.

Shemot 5782

“A community in formation with a marked tendency to submit to situations of slavery is looking for a leader. Full - life dedication. Requirements: Adherence to the laws of the Jewish people (exclusive). Reflective ability, and decision in their judgments with a strong compassionate tendency to derive and execute."

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