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Parashat Tazria

פרשת תזריע

Lv. 12:1-15:33 | 2Rs. 4:42-5:19

Laws on specific matters are given in this parashah: when a woman has children, when the kohanim detect a problem called tzarat (mistakenly translated as leprosy)—the cure of which includes isolating the sick person outside the camp.



Tazia 5783

For anyone who has ever heard or read this parasha, the theme is clear. Parashat Tazria speaks to us about gossip, slander, and backbiting. It warns us about those attitudes that lead us to divide ourselves, to "impurify" the environment where we are, and to tarnish the names and lives of those affected.

Tazria 5782

There is something that has to do with the essence of what surrounds us. Things, people, environments, have an essence that can sometimes change, in part, and that is transmitted to individuals.

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