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Parashat Shemini

פרשת שמיני

Lv. 9:1-11:47 | 2Sm. 6:1-7:17
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On the eighth day after the inauguration of the priests, the Divine Presence takes up residence in the sanctuary. After making the necessary sacrifices, Moshe and Aharon leave the Tent of Assignment and the divine glory is revealed to all the people, who prostrate themselves. Aharon's sons, Nadav and Abihu, offer a fire that was not commanded by God and are immediately incinerated before Him. Moshe tells Aharon not to show his mourning lest God be displeased with all Israel, but assures him that they will all weep for their children. The laws of kashrut and ritual purity are passed down.



Shemini 5784

The inauguration of the sanctuary, that moment after weeks and even months of hard work and preparation for the magnificent portable sanctuary, marks a milestone in the history of the children of Israel in the desert. Like a first portable temple, built by the children of Israel under divine direction, it is not just a place to receive God, but also for Him to dwell among them. "Veasu li mikdash veshachanti betochem;" "and let them make ME a sanctuary and I may dwell among them."

Shemini 5783

Fire is one of the creations of the Kadosh Baruch Hu that was given to us and resulted in one of the great differentiations from the rest of living beings. By using fire, we have managed to stay alive and improve our quality of life. We bake our bread, cook our food and heat heat our homes using fire. Its heat provides us with comfort and when used carefully, it lights up our lives in the midst of darkness. However, when we don't control it or become enthralled with it and fuel it excessively, it can wreak enormous havoc.

Shemini 5782

One of the most well-known, although not the most established, precepts of the Torah is that of Kashrut. Parshat Shemini tells us about the Jewish food regulations, mentioning a long list of prohibited and permitted foods. And at this moment the question arises: Why do they have to impose on me what I should eat? Am I a better or worse person for eating or not eating this or that thing? Does it make me a better human being not to taste pork or any form of cooking of any animal that is not allowed?

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