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Parashat Tetzaveh

פרשת תצוה

Ex. 27:20-30:10 | Ez. 43:10-27
Tabernacle model high priest, tb022804700.jpg

The formation of Israel’s cult takes place with God’s commands regarding the clothing of the priests and the High Priest and with the initiation of Aharon and his sons so that they can exercise the priestly functions. All this cleansing will make the altar “Holy of Holies” so that God can dwell among the Children of Israel. He announces that he will meet with the people at times determined by Him.



Tetzaveh 5783

This week we read a parashah that surprises us. For the most part, the text refers to banal things. It seems to make a point of something real superficial.

Tetzaveh 5782

“And you shall make garments for the holy service…and you shall dress (with these things)…Aaron…and his sons.”
Shemot 28:2-4

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