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פרשת תרומה

Ex. 25:1-27:19 | 1Rs. 5:12-6:13

Moshe goes up to the mountain, which is covered with a thick cloud. He remains in the divine presence for 40 days. A central theme of the saga of the Hebrews develops in this parashah: the idea of God dwelling among men. Mosheh hears His detailed instructions about building the Tabernacle. God says that all the Hebrews must contribute, according to the desire of their hearts, with the necessary materials for its making.



Terumah 5783

What are you willing to give for your community?

I am not referring to your monthly fee. We already take that for granted, right? The question is what ELSE are you willing to give for your community to survive?

Terumah 5782

What defines the characteristics of the things around us? The use we give them or the guidelines that those who did each of those things wanted to print on them? A hammer can be seen as a building element, while others can use it to destroy.

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