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Parashat Tzav

פרשת צו

Lv. 6:1-8:36 | Jr. 7:21-8:3, 9:23-24
Tabernacle model high priest breastplate, tb010710916.jpg

God tells Moshe to describe to Aharon and his sons the rituals they must perform as priests; in this parashah, all the details are explained and Aharon and his sons are finally ordained according to divine teachings.



Tzav 5784

The Torah portion known as Tzav continues to describe the order of sacrifices, as previously mentioned in the preceding portion, Vayikra, which was read last week. I would like to address one of these sacrifices today, namely the offering of thanksgiving, also known as korban todah.

Tzav 5783

Parashat Tzav describes how the offerings should be made and how the Kohanim should conduct themselves during those rituals. This theme is somewhat alien to us, as has been said several times.

Tzav 5782

The story brings us the image of two flames that coexisted in the Mishkan: one was the Ner Tamid, the eternal and flickering flame that burned in the Menorah and that still burns in some way in our synagogues. The second flame was the Esh Tamid, which was the fire that was used in the sacrifices that had to be kept alive day and night on the altar, the Mizbeach.

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