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Moshe tells the people that he begged to enter the Promised Land, but Lord only allowed him to go up a mountain so that he could see it. He goes on to recount the events from the Exodus from Egypt to the Receiving of the Torah, including reciting again the Decalogue (Aseret haDibrot—Ten Commandments). He predicts that the people will turn away from God in the future, which will cause their exile from the land, but he also says that there will be repentance and return. Verses from the Shema, the profession of faith in the oneness of God, are also in this parashah.



Vaetchanan 5783

The Israeli Parliament (the Knesset) approved the controversial "reasonability" bill last Monday with 64 votes in favor and 0 against. All members of the ruling coalition voted in favor, while all members of the opposition left the chamber.

Vaetchanan 5782

What is “being holy” all about? There is a parashah in which the Creator compels us to be holy, as He Himself is: Parashat Kedoshim. Our parashah this week contains passages of that kedushah.

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