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Avraham fulfills the mitzvah of circumcision—symbol of the pact with God—and receives the visit of 3 divine emissaries who tell him that he and Sarah will have a son within a year. Next, Avraham intercedes with God so that He does not destroy Sodom and Gomorrah. Lot's wife

turns into a pillar of salt. His daughters give rise to the tribes of Amon and Moab. Avraham sets out to sacrifice his son Yitzchak.



Vayera 5784

Every time we reread this Torah portion, I find myself pondering a recurring question, especially in these times. I'm not a fan of "what-ifs," but what if Sara and Hagar had sought reconciliation and fostered a family environment where the two brothers, who ended up separated and filled with hatred, could have taken a different path and lived a life rich in harmony and understanding?

Vayera 5778

Hay un flagelo mundial del que algunos pocos se ocupan. Es un mal que separa. Un mal que divide y no permite que la gente se acerque, o siquiera se conozca. Lo peor es que es un mal que arrastramos de pequeños. A veces nos lo transmiten nuestros padres. Otras se suman las escuelas. Otras, es la sociedad misma la que promueve que este mal se desarrole y propague. Y no siempre los gobiernos se ocupan de buscar la cura.

Vayera 5783

What an amazingly rich Parashah! Rich in feelings, in challenges, in renunciations, in confrontations, in transgressions.

Vayera 5782

There is a global scourge that a few are concerned with. It is an evil that separates. An evil that divides and does not allow people to approach each other, or even meet. The worst thing is that it is an evil that we drag on when we are little. Sometimes our parents pass it on to us. Sometimes our schools or the society itself promote this evil to develop and spread. And governments are not always busy looking for a cure.

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