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Areia do deserto

The story of the patriarch Avraham begins here, with God telling him to go from the land of his father to another destiny, one that has been designated for him. Even though it is an order, it is also a perennial test of faith, to which Avraham will have to show himself fit many times.



Lech Lecha 5784

Parashat Lech Lecha offers us a profound and transformative perspective. The phrase "Go from your land, from your birthplace, from your father's house to the land that I will show you" has been reinterpreted by Rashi as "Go with yourself," thus revealing the essence of the divine message. Abraham didn't just leave his home and family; he abandoned complacency and ventured into the unknown. This act symbolizes the courage to leave the comfort zone and seek a deeper identity.

Lech Lecha 5780

Cuál es el límite de edad para que una persona cambie su rumbo? Acaso existe ese límite?

Muchas veces habrán oído una frase del estilo de: “a mi edad, ya no puedo cambiar”, o hablando acerca de un tercero: “a su edad, no puedo pedirle que cambie”.

Lech Lecha 5783

“The Lord said to Avram: Leave your land, your birthplace, your father’s house.” What can this be compared to? To a man who travels from one place to another and sees a palace on fire. He wonders: “Is it possible that this palace has no owner?” The owner of the palace looks and said, “I am the owner of the palace.” Thus, Avraham our father said: “Is it possible that this world has no one to rule over it?” The Holy One, Blessed be He, looked at him and said: “I am the Ruler, the Sovereign of the universe.”

Lech Lecha 5779

“El Señor le dijo a Abram: Deja tu tierra, tu lugar de nacimiento, la casa de tu padre.” ¿Con qué puede compararse esto? Con un hombre  que viaja de un lugar a otro,  y ve un palacio en llamas. Se pregunta: “¿Es posible que este palacio no tenga dueño?” El dueño del palacio miró y dijo: “Yo soy el dueño del palacio.” Así, Abraham nuestro padre dijo: “¿Es posible que este mundo no tenga quien lo gobierne?” El Santo, Bendito sea, miró y le dijo: “Yo soy El que gobierna, el Soberano del universo.”

Lech Lecha 5782

What is the age limit for a person to change his course? Is there that limit?

Many times you have heard a phrase like: "at my age, I can no longer change", or talking about a third party: "at your age, I can not ask you to change."

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