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After Moshe's last speech, the Lord tells him to write a song for the Israelites so that they can always remember the covenant they made with Him. Moshe delivers the song on his last day on Earth, calling Heaven and Earth as witnesses. He also warns people about the breaches they will make in the covenant in the future and the calamities that will follow; but the Lord will eventually reconcile with His People. At the end of the parashah, God tells Moses to go up Mount Nebo to have a glimpse of the Promised Land before he dies.



Haazinu 5783

A Hasidic tale recounts that when the Baal Shem Tov sensed that a calamity was approaching for his people, he would retreat to a place in the forest. There, he would light a fire, recite a prayer, and accompany it with a melody that flowed from his soul, filled his body, and enveloped the forest. This would work the miracle of averting the impending disaster.

Haazinu 5782

Who could say goodbye to this world singing?...

The melodies of Yamim Norayim still resound in our ears. If we could choose, perhaps, like Moshe in Parashat Haazinu, we would also say goodbye, when it’s our turn many years ahead, singing and surrounded by loved ones.

Haazinu 5780

Quién pudiera despedirse de este mundo cantando...

Aún resuenan en nuestros oídos las melodías de Iamim Noraim. Aún resuenan las voces de coro de la CHG sumando fuerza y Kavaná a nuestra tefilá. Si pudiéramos elegir, quizás, al igual que Moshé en Parashat Haazínu, también eligiríamos despedirnos, cuando dentro de muchos años nos toque, cantando y rodeados de seres queridos.

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