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Parashat Vayelech

פרשת וילך

Dt. 31:1-30 | Is. 55:6-56:8
Torah Scroll.png

Vayelech recounts the events of Moshe's last day: he hands over leadership to Yehoshua and writes the Torah on a scroll that will be kept in the Ark of the Covenant under the care of the Levites. The mitzvah of "hakhel", gathering all the people to hear the Torah every seven years on Sukkot, is also given here. Ultimately, it is predicted that although the people will go astray, the teachings of God will survive in the mouths of Israel's descendants.



Vayelech 5783

Lo bashamayim hi.

The Torah is not in the heavens. The Talmud illustrates this with a story we have shared before, the story of Taanuro shel Hachnay, Hachnay's oven, in which, during a rabbinical debate, one of the rabbis called upon the heavens as a witness. He said that if he was correct in the discussion they were having, the walls of the yeshiva where they were would lean in; and the walls indeed leaned. Still, no one took his version as true because, in reality, the debate was on Earth, no longer in the heavens.

Vayelech 5782

The marathon has already started.

We are going through the Yamim Noraim, the Days of Awe. We are in the middle of Aseret Yemei Teshuvah, the 10 days in which we are proposed to generate that repentance that leads to teshuvah, a change in our behavior.

Vayelech 5780

La maratón ya comenzó.

Estamos transitando los Iamim Noraim, los días terribles. Estamos en medio de ʿAseret Iemei Teshuvá, los 10 días en los cuales estamos conminados a generar en nosotros ese arrepentimiento que nos lleve a la Teshuvá, un cambio en nuestra conducta.

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