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Parashat Pekudei

פרשת פקודי

Ex. 38:21-40:38 | 1Kgs. 7:51-8:21

An account is given of all the gold, silver, and copper used in the making of the Tabernacle. The eight priestly garments are made by Betzalel and Oholiav. At the end, Moshe anoints it with holy oil and initiates Aharon and his sons into priestly office. A cloud lands over the Tabernacle, a sign that the Divine Presence now dwells there.



Pekudei 5784

We are in the last portion of the book of Shemot, Exodus. Closing a book is somewhat like closing a chapter in the history of the People of Israel. After the formation as a People, after the inevitable recognition of the greatness of the Lord, it's the turn of the People to start committing themselves. The People must begin to "give back" to the Kadosh Baruch Hu after having received so much.

Pekudei 5782

It is always a problem to learn to manage ourselves in situations or in places to which we are not used to. I mean the fact of adapting to the new. To war situations, unforeseen situations, changes in our economy, changes in our environment.

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