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פרשת ויחי

Gn. 47:28-50:26 | 1Kgs. 2:1-12

In this last parashah of the book of Genesis, Yaakov, who made Yosef swear to bury him in the Holy Land, blesses his sons, each with his own quality, and raises his grandsons Ephraim and Menashe to the status of a tribe as well. His body is escorted by a grand procession to the cave of Machpelah in Hebron. Yosef dies at the age of 110, but his bones will only be taken to Canaan (following his instructions) hundreds of years later, in the exodus of the Hebrews from Egypt.



Vayechi 5784

We conclude this Shabbat the book of Genesis, Bereshit. If we were to summarize it in a few words, we could say that its content revolves around how families come together and fall apart, navigating through problems and differences.

Vayechi 5778

Parashat Vaiejí nos muestra un Iaakov que se despide. Un Iaakov que está en sus últimos días y entiende que debe reordenar la familia, si la idea es preservar los valores por los cuales luchó como padre y como patriarca.

Vayechi 5783

We are concluding the first book of the Torah, Genesis. 

If we take a step back and look in perspective, after the surprising and wonderful description of Creation in the first chapters, our book is busy warning us about our miseries over and over again. About those mistakes that can lead us to have miserable lives.

Vayechi 5782

Parashat Vayechi shows us a Yaakov who says goodbye. A Yaakov who is in his last days and understands that he must reorder the family, if the idea is to preserve the values ​​for which he fought as a father and as a patriarch.

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