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After Yehudah offers to become Yosef's slave in Binyamin's place, Yosef reveals himself to the brothers and asks if their father is alive. They feel remorse and shame, but Yosef assures that it was the Lord who sent him to Egypt, so that he could save his family and the entire region from famine. The brothers return to Canaan to give Yaakov the good news and take him to Egypt, where he is reunited with his son after 22 years. Yosef gives them the fertile land of Goshen and there they prosper.



Vayigash 5782

Sinat achim. Hate between brothers. The word hate is something strong. But when two or more siblings stop talking to each other, it is too.

Vayigash 5777

Es interesante como no hay una clara guía de cómo perdonar.

Habiendo pasado hace no tantos días el día por excelencia ár perdonar y pedir perdón, hay una falta en nuestra tradición. Cómo se hace para perdonar? Cómo hacemos cuando alguien nos dañó en serio y dentro nuestro nos arde el dolor? Cómo hacemos cuando tenemos delante a quien provocó aquello que no se soporta, para escucharlo con justicia y benevolencia y perdonar?

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