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Parashat Vayetze

פרשת ויצא

Gn. 28:10-32:3 | Ho. 11:7-14:9

Yaakov, on his way from Beersheva to Charan, sleeps and dreams of a ladder connecting Heaven and Earth, with angels ascending and descending; the Lord appears and promises that territory to his descendants. In Charan, Yaakov stays to work with his uncle Laban, falls in love with Rachel, his youngest daughter, but is deceived by him and forced to marry first the eldest, Leah. After 20 years, already with a large clan, Yaakov decides to follow his path away from Laban; nevertheless, fearing the effect of this decision and flees in fear of his uncle. God, however, appears to Laban in a dream and forbids him to harm his nephew.



Vayetze 5784

This parashah invites us to witness a very special process: that of how a complicated, intricate, and twisted individual in their relationships straightens out as life confronts them with difficulties. We're talking about our patriarch, Yaakov Avinu.

Vayetze 5780

Esta parashá nos invita a ver un proceso muy especial. Aquel de cómo una persona complicada, intrincada y retorcida en sus relaciones, se va enderezando, a medida que la vida lo enfrenta a dificultades.

Vayetze 5783

This parashah invites us to check a very special process: the one about how a complicated, intricate and twisted person in his relationships straightens out as life confronts him with difficulties.

We are talking about Yaakov Avinu.

Vayetze 5782

How do you say thank you when there is a lot to be thankful for? You just say "thank you very much" and that's it? Sometimes it sounds like little.

But do we always appreciate when it is appropriate to do so? Are we as grateful as we should be to those who take care of us, or favor us?

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