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God commands Yaakov to return home to the Holy Land. Yaakov sends emissaries to meet Esau to try to reconcile and they return saying that he is coming with 400 men. The theme of reunion triggers an incredible series of dramatic events: Yaakov wrestles with a man who blesses him and changes his name to Yisrael. The brothers hug and cry together; they part again, this time in peace. Dinah, Yaakov's only daughter, is raped in Shechem and Shimon and Levi liquidate the entire city in revenge. Rachel, Yaakov's beloved wife, dies giving birth to Binyamin.



Vayishlach 5784

According to the Tractate Avot, it is Rabbi Akiva who teaches us, in chapter 3, that “Hakol tzafui vehareshut netunah”—“Everything is foreseen, but choice is possible.”

Vayishlach 5780

Se puede torcer el destino?

Según el Tratado de Avot, en el capitulo 3, es Rabi Akiva quien nos enseña que “Todo está previsto, pero la elección es posible”.

Vayishlach 5783

What do we run from when we run?

We do not always have the integrity, nor the wisdom, nor the strength to face those people or things that confront us or frighten us. Sometimes it’s hard for us to admit it, but it happens. How much harder, though, is it when who we can’t face ourselves?

Vayishlach 5782

What do we run away from when we run away?

We do not always have the fortitude, the wisdom, or the strength to confront those or those things that confront us or frighten us. Sometimes it is hard for us to recognize it, but it happens. How much more when who we cannot face is ourselves?

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