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Yom Kippur

יום כפור

Day of Atonement


Yom Kippur 5783

The big difference between regalim, festivals, and Yamim Noraim is that in the former, we seek to connect with the Earth, while in the second we seek to connect with the Heavens. We need these days of spiritual cleansing, disconnecting a little from all that is earthly and looking for the connection with our spirituality. And the disconnection is achieved at the precise moment in which we knock on the doors of Heaven and seek to dress in white, imitating the angels, so we can cut even for a day with the material world.

Yom Kippur 5780

Año tras año nos volvemos a reencontrar en este camino de revisión. Volvemos a situarnos frente al tribunal celestial y el nuestro propio, uno más severo que otro. Uno más misericordioso que otro; uno más permisivo que el otro.



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