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After many events, Yosef interprets Pharaoh's dreams that indicate years of plenty followed by years of misery. By his perspicacity, Pharaoh frees him and makes him his grand vizier. As a result of Yosef's correct prediction of drought, his brothers end up going down to Egypt to buy food for their family. This starts the saga of the dramatic family reunion between brothers who had so drastically broken up in the past.



Miketz 5783

We often say that appearances are deceiving. It is a well-known saying. And it is in the Torah above all.
Through the different parashot and characters that compose them, it’s like the text is telling us: “don’t be impressed or fooled by what you think you see at first. Look deeper.” And this happens especially with respect to clothing or what covers nudity.

Miketz 5782

This week's parashah is full of messages. Full of interpretations. It is the parashah of dreams. The parashah of a Yosef who is taken from the prison to which he had been confined, to be able to interpret the dreams of the pharaoh, which none of his magicians could see in depth.

Miketz 5779

La parashá de esta semana está llena de mensajes. Llena de interpretaciones. Es la parashá de los sueños. De un Iosef que es sacado de la cárcel a la que había sido confinado, para poder interpretar los sueños del faraón, que ninguno de sus magos logró ver en profundidad.

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